I Changed the World

Belief is so often the death of reason! I can’t remember who said that, no doubt someone worldly-wise. Or an idiot like me whose arrogance crushed his ability to think and act logically. I refused to heed the warnings from peers, the government, my own family and friends. My breath-taking self-importance dismissed them all as […]

Shop Front

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing? We’re closed.” Harold Stamper hated his lunchtime disturbed. “Shu’ up ol’ ma’!” The voice sounded muffled, as if impeded. “I beg your pardon?” The intruder turned the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’ and pulled the door-blind down. He was about to turn and face the Post-Master and Newsagent when […]

Spooky Knights

What’s it about? The need to be taken seriously. Does a group of individuals make a team? Do ghosts really exist? In Matlock? Situation: The Spooky Knights are ghost hunters. They have been engaged by a strange Vicar to investigate possible spiritual disturbances in a recently closed village church just outside their home town of […]

Shaun’s Treasure

“We’ve got 4 minutes before this place blows! You hurt?” Shaun whispered as he cut the plastic ties binding Cara’s hands and feet. He pulled Cara to her feet in the dark empty room, illuminated only by the corridor light seeping under the door. “No. What are you doing here?” “Never mind that now!” Shaun […]

Houses of May

  “What have you got there?” Sarah peered over my shoulder as I sat at the dining room table. “A box. I found it in the loft-” “Did you go to the house? Dad, I told you I wanted to go if you went!” “I know, I’m sorry. I was just passing and, well. Here, […]

Dead Safe

What’s it about? Upbringing, life choices and relationships. People who care only for themselves and those who care for others. Wealth and what people think it will buy. Natural justice: does it exist? Situation: A burglary by two hapless thieves goes wrong when they discover what they think is a dead body in a rich couple’s house. When […]

A Stitch in Time

What’s it about? A lighter look at mutual respect, tolerence, cooperate or perish. Opposing characters must work together in the harshest of environments. Can they help each other survive and even come to respect and care for one another? Or will they simply turn on each other and die? Situation: A scientist and an engineer […]

Peter Knows Everything

  What’s it about? Do souls exist? Are we just mechanisms carrying around an all-knowing essence? Vitally, can souls help men woo women? On an earthly level, it’s about friendship. Situation: A discussion in the kitchen at a house party between three long-time friends gets philosophical. Can a person objectively know everything? But is the debate […]

Carrot Wars: Allthwaite vs Lefarge

“And finally, the weather. I’m afraid the Scunnysdale week, looks bleak. There’s no sunny for Scunny.” “Silly git!” said Reg aloud to himself while tending his prized vegetables. He hated Scunnysdale FM’s newsreader, always making light of serious things. “In fact, prospects are so bad, that organisers of the North East England Vegetable Growing Championships” […]